Interesting Pages

Gotta Read & Process

Web Linking:

Food for Thought

The mca blog just rocks for deep thoughts about hypermedia

LOL, my workplace:


Wow great stuff here… I’ll never catch up with him:

Peter Williams has some really interesting articles on his blog


Linked Not Bound — awesome principle-based examination of topics:

Roy Fielding’s thesis

About the REST-ful maturity of a system, a link I saw on This Week in REST

Article on best practices for REST

Breaking down REST to plain English (whew)

Python and …

Functional Programming

An interesting page that links to some other pages talking about functional programming in Python

Declarative Programming


  • 1.0 is official & 2.0 is getting close:
  • Kanji

    I like having being able to look up kanji quickly so I can drop in nice words like luck \u798f, happiness \u5016, or wealth \u8ca1 into my unit tests to make sure unicode comes out OK.


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