OK so my job sucks. It’s terrible environment dominated by overbearing pinheads. I suffer from buzzword poisoning every single day. So I’ll put this here, because I’m going to need A LOT of focus to stay on course the next few months. Then I can send out my resumes when the time is right. 🙂

Why not just choose to be happy?


Pick unhappy, sad, angry, depressed, frustrated, disgusted….

  1. What am I <unhappy> about?
  2. What is it about that, that makes me <unhappy>?
  3. Why am I <unhappy> about that?
    …what is my reason for being <unhappy>?
  4. What am I afraid would happen if I were not <unhappy> about that?
  5. What am I afraid would happen if I were not <unhappy> about that?
  6. Why do I believe it would mean that?
  7. Why do I believe that being <happy> would be bad for me right now?

If … then …

A lot of unnecessary worry and unhappiness centers around events that haven’t happened yet. It’s hard to just tell the brain to stop dwelling on negative possibilities. So instead, give the brain something to process that it likes: conditional instructions.

Our brains have very powerful pattern-matching capabilities, and thrive on conditional instructions of the form “If this happens, then do this.” In fact, the negative scenarios playing out are just a rumination of that form. For example, “If I lose my job, the bank will foreclose my house.” But I can combat that impulse with more positive conditional instructions: “If I lose my job, I’ll go get another one.” Sometimes the brain is persistent, so it takes a few of those in sequence to close off the negative decision tree.

Replacing negative thought chains with optimistic thought chains is an important mechanism we all use to adapt and thrive.

If <somehing bad> then <what I’ll do>

The Serenity Prayer

Stay busy, but don’t fret about things you can’t change.

Can I change it? Then change it.
… if I can’t change it, learn to accept it.


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