Python gettattr and setattr again because I can’t just leave it alone

In this post:

I was playing around with blurring the distinction between getters and setters in Python objects. tarcisiocrocomo gave me this tip for the win:

class Foo(object):
I was able to get the same results with this:

__getitem__ = object.__getattribute__
__setitem__ = object.__setattr__

Are there any meaningful differences?

Victory! So here’s the little Ob class I wrote and I throw it around where I want attributes and items… usually in unit tests, although when I’m good I use flexmock.

class Ob(object):
    __getitem__ = object.__getattribute__
    __setitem__ = object.__setattr__

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        # see if the passed in initialization values
        if kwargs:
            for key in kwargs.keys():
                self[key] = kwargs[key]

Now I just need to get it to pretty print… hm….

from pprint import pprint
ob = Ob() = 'hello!'

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