Technical Leadership

I have a pretty good track record in this industry. But I still just rate myself as pretty good, even though sometimes I get impatient and arrogant — at least in this blog.

I was trying to think about why I feel that way. I have a good history of implementing significant, game-changing software solutions in most of the organizations I’ve worked in. But they’ve mostly been sideline items, or even skunkwork that suddenly became very useful. I just don’t have the Force of Personality, or the social skills, to really drive new system development, and reshape the world to fit my vision.

There was one time I did apply for and receive a promotion to a Team Lead position. As a group, we had some pretty high-minded goals to hit, and I had some personal technical designs that I actually ended up implementing in my next job. Because about a month after I took the position of team lead, my manager got fired, and the organization descended into chaos and anarchy.

Come to think of it, the other time that I was emerging into a real leadership role, I had become the de-facto team lead, at least from the technical side, and we were making incredible strides and getting all kinds of traction on our initiatives. Some tools I’d been developing for the previous two years were coming to the fore, and making a dramatic change on the organization as a whole.

I wasn’t arrogant about it, at least I hope not, but I was really happy that I was able to really flex my muscles and show some effective technical leadership on that team.

And then my manager got fired, and the organization descended into anarchy and chaos.

Before I took my current job, the manager who I followed here offered me a role as a team lead. I turned him down & said I just wanted to be a senior member of the team. To be honest, I said that more for his protection than anything else.


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