Here’s an interesting article about “TripAdvisor Architecture – 40M Visitors, 200M Dynamic Page Views, 30TB Data”

I like the strong, recurring sense of ownership the article conveys. It’s always funny to me when a shop starts taking responsibility away from highly-motivated, bright, obsessive-compulsive programmers who want their sh*t to work, over to Scrum Masters and The Swarm. I see a lot of the Agile talk (especially where I work now) as a convenient rebranding of turf-ism and self-serving bureaucracy – “post agile,” whatever that is, has gotta be better. 😉

The idea of “No architects” is a great idea, especially WRT the architects we have here.

I’m pondering some of the lessons on scalability – some of them run counter to what I’ve been saying for the last 10 years 😉 LOL! So I’m trying to wrap my brain around what they’ve found. 🙂

But there are some really interesting ideas in here.


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