Mongo DB

Like a lot of other shops, everything here turns into a big religious war. (Well, a friendly religious war, because people are pretty cordial here.) I think that’s partly an artifact of the previous management strategy, which valued conflict over rational thought, but also of the “reverse pyramid” hierarchy that commonly emerges over time in big corporate shops.

The latest one is Cassandra vs. Mongo as the preferred NoSql DB. A buddy of mine is liking Mongo more and more, and sent me this link:

It will be interesting to see how things shape up. There are a lot of folks who are very loyal to Apache for both good and bad reasons, but it sounds to me like Mongo does have some really nice features. So, we’ll see.



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2 responses to “Mongo DB

  1. Rinie

    Unfortunately Mongodb uses it’s own protocol and client drivers. Why not REST + JSON?

    • roby2358

      I think all the prominent No-Sql datastores have their own properitary communications, with dedicated client libraries to support them, don’t they? I guess a binary format looks really good if you’re on the data side.

      Odds are, we’ll wrap mongo in a JSON/REST-ish API. Also, because of how we do things here, odds are we’ll do it badly.

      But I’ve worked with document-based datastores before, and it’s such a liberating experience, I’ll still take it, even if it come wrapped in a bad REST-like JSON api. The big question for us is, will it be Mongo, or will it be Cassandra we end up with?

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