In the Beginning…

For most of my life, I’ve wanted to write a game. Too bad I’m too lazy and disorganized for that. But the latest spate of browser games, and the advent of HTML5, has perked my interest again.

I’ve played with OpenGL a little, but I think the best I’ll be able to do is a tile-based RPG like from the good old days, back when you needed a supercomputer to render a scene in 3D.

Because I don’t have time or motivation to build out a big RPG and the world it lives in, I thought it would be fun to start from the very start. First, create the “meta” structure of the game, specifically player registration and login.

There would be a single square all players occupy. This single square is the “Star Chamber”, and is the source for all the rest of the world.

Each player would start with a single attribute: a name.

From there, I’d just grow the world organically. Really a RPG is a big series of minigames, and locations that invoke those minigames. So rather than putting out “expansions” every year or so, the would would just constantly grow and evolve. I could add minigames for all the facets of the player exerience: crafting, shopping, auction house, character advancement, social system, and so forth.

I’d open it up to opensource development, so people could create content and game mechanisms. People could even create entire splinter worlds.

lol! Fun idea. Well, maybe.


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