Python? Really?

Ya I find I’m enjoying python. I always thought Perl was fun to play with, in kind of a hideous, wicked way. But Python satisfies both the good as well as the impatient in me.

I admit, I’m still not a fan of loose typing, and I really miss having strict interfaces. But I like the fact that Python by its nature supports clean, well-structured code. If you follow good general coding practices, like intermediate variable and doing one thing per line, the code comes out naturally structured elegantly, and is easy to read.

I had a project I wrote in Python, mostly to honor a friend who’s a big Python fan, and it was fun to work with. I finished that project and set it aside. Then, six months later, the group I wrote it for came back and wanted a changed. Jeeze. But I found when I popped open the script, I was able to get back into it instantly and make the change they needed really fast.

I still love Java. I think the structure and strict guarantees it provides are hugely valuable (again, strong typing and strict interfaces). And I think Python suffers from a couple of problems: first, there may be *too* many disprate libraries available, which just stretches out the learning curve. And second, it sometimes suffers from the “look at me!” school of kiddie scripting, with insecure asshats showing how cool they are by packing as much code into a single, incomprehensible line as they can. But that’s just the nature of the industry I work in.

All in all, I’m getting a kick out of Python, and can see myself doing a lot more with it.


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